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com programming with microsoft .net
COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
by Julian Templeman and John Paul Mueller ISBN:0735618755
Microsoft Press © 2003 (517 pages)

This in-depth programming guide explains how and where COM and COM+ fit into the new .NET world, demonstrates the new technologies that are available in .NET, and shows how to interoperate between COM/COM+ and .NET.

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Table of Contents
COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
Part I - The .NET View of COM and COM+
Chapter 1 - COM and .NET
Chapter 2 - COM+ and .NET
Chapter 3 - Using COM Components in .NET Code
Chapter 4 - Using .NET Components in COM Applications
Chapter 5 - An Overview of COM+ Coding for .NET
Part II - Writing COM Code
Chapter 6 - Attributed Programming
Chapter 7 - ATL and ATL Server
Part III - Writing COM+ Code
Chapter 8 - A Simple COM+ Example
Chapter 9 - Working with Disconnected Applications
Chapter 10 - Creating Subscriptions
Chapter 11 - Web Application Scenarios
Part IV - Interoperability
Chapter 12 - Interacting with Unmanaged Code
Chapter 13 - Advanced Interaction
Chapter 14 - Working with Predefined Interfaces
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COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
COM Programming with Microsoft .NET
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