Windows Script Host (WSH)

Windows Script Host is a framework to run scripts written in VBScript or JScript. WSH is a standard component of Windows 2000/XP/.NET and Windows 98/ME, and can be installed into Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 systems. Therefore, administrators can run the same scripts on all of the mentioned platforms. The latest WSH version (current version is 5.6) can be downloaded free from the Microsoft website (see links in Appendix A).

Do not forget that WSH can be used for managing various system components, not only Active Directory (however, these topics are beyond the scope of this book). Such program interface as Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provides scriptable access to many system services and modules. We shall discuss an example that uses WMI via ADSI for retrieving information about domain computers.

Windows  .NET Domains & Active Directory
Windows .NET Server 2003 Domains & Active Directory
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