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x (execute permission)  
X (Set/Unset) command, Pine  
X clients  
x command, vi  
X command, vi  
x command, vi  
X servers  
X Window System   [See X11 application]
X11 application  
       .bashrc file and  
       .profile file ignored in  
       application menus in  
       applications in   2nd  
       Applications menu in  
       c-Q command in  
       cutting and pasting with  
       FAQ for  
       installing application and  
       private network remote access and  
       remote access from  
       running on other computers  
       scrolling xterm with  
xcalc application, X11  
xclock application, X11  
xeyes application, X11  
xhost application, X11  
xkill application, X11  
xload application, X11  
xman application, X11  

Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther
Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther
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