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pieces of information


an organized collection of numeric information

decision analysis

the analysis of decision situations in which certainty cannot be assumed

decision support system (DSS)

a computer-based information system that a manager can use to assist in and support decision making

decision tree

a graphical diagram for analyzing a decision situation

decision variable

a variable whose value represents a potential decision on the part of the manager


a tie for the pivot row is broken arbitrarily and can lead to degeneracy

Delphi method

a procedure for acquiring informal judgments and opinions from knowledgeable individuals to use as a subjective forecast

dependent demand

typically component parts used internally to produce a final product

dependent events

events for which the probability of one event is affected by the probability of occurrence of other events


in calculus, a transformed form of a mathematical function that defines the slope of the function


characterized by the assumption that there is no uncertainty

deviational variables

in a goal programming model constraint, variables that reflect the possible deviation from a goal level


the derivative of a function

directed branch

a branch in a network in which flow is possible in only one direction

discrete distribution

a probability distribution that consists of values for the random variable that are countable and usually integer


an alternative form of a linear programming model that contains useful information regarding the value of resources, which form the constraints of the model

dummy activity

a branch in a CPM/PERT network that reflects a precedence relationship but does not represent any passage of time

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