3.2 Establish Customer Buy-In Early

3.2 Establish Customer Buy-In Early

Success begins and ends with customer satisfaction. The portfolio of services and associated cost models must be developed with the customer in mind and must align with the customer's goals and objectives, and satisfy their overall requirements. Simply put, you must take a customer approach. This is why we have dedicated a whole chapter to "Taking a Customer Approach."

With some exceptions, the majority of the customer's goals, objectives, and requirements can be anticipated for the most part. They require a larger offering of predictable, high-quality services delivered consistently and quickly, all for less money. With technology turning over every six months and the Internet and telecommunication "explosion," business has its hands full with keeping up with end-customer demands. These demands drive change and the business must be nimble enough to react to these changes. Consequently, the ISD operation must also be able to respond in turn . A lethargic operation will eventually impact the business to the point where they will be forced to consider other options (e.g., outsourcing, alternate vendors , etc.).

The best way to ensure that you align with your customer and gain their buy-in is by involving them early on in the development of the portfolio of services, associated cost model, and organization structure. This will ensure that the customer feels a part of the development of the ISD operation and will also feel certain accountability for its success.

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