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From Jeff Tapper: I would like to thank my co-authors, James Talbot and Robin Haffner. This book would never have been possible without them. Thanks are also due to Kevin Towes. Without his knowledge of Flash Communication Server and his unique demeanor in presenting that knowledge, the book would be incomplete. Thanks are also due to the editorial team at New Riders: Linda, Jill, Stephanie, and Angela. Your hard work and dedication shaped our raw ideas into a complete work.

Several others who didn't contribute specifically to the book were still integral to the process. Jon Briccetti, Ben Elmore, and George Jagodzinski acted as frequent sounding boards , helping me through specific issues along the way. Thanks also to Bryan Rice, as he was a tremendous help in building the application.

Of course, thanks are due to my family: Mom, Dad, Dan, Jon, and Gram. Your love and support has never faltered over the years . Lastly, none of this would be possible without my wife, Lisa.

From James Talbot: I would like to thank my co-authors Robin Haffner and Jeff Tapper who have made this book possible. I would also like to thank the Macromedia Educational Services team, including Matt Boles, Robert Crooks, Sue Hove, and Jeanette Stallons for all of their help and advice.

From Robin Haffner: In everyone's life there is usually a person that is a driving force and a mentor. I am fortunate to have had four very special mentors in my life. First ”my mother, without whom I wouldn't have had the strength and perseverance to survive my 20s and 30s. Second ”my grandmother who taught me compassion and faith, both of which have served me well in all facets of my life. Last ”Ginny Cavallaro and Dr. Ruth Koelle for making me reach higher and expect more from life and I haven't stopped yet.

I would also like to thank New Riders, Jeff Tapper, and James Talbot for making me a part of this project.

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Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript 2.0
Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript 2.0
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