Adapting to Changes

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In addition to meeting the needs of XYZ Subscriptions, this newly designed and implemented system has the flexibility to adapt to future changes. In this final section, we look at a few potential requests that may be made of the system and discuss how these can be implemented.

System Auditing

With minimal impact on the system, you can add a new role of user to allow for monitoring and auditing of CCRs. With this addition, XYZ Subscriptions can determine how effective various CCRs are and help those who are less effective become better at their jobs. One fundamental way in which effectiveness can be measured for the CCRs is by measuring the average time needed from beginning of a call until completion of the customer's transaction.

To implement this auditing, a new class will need to be added. The new class, Transaction , will associate an employee (an instance of the Employee class) with a subscription. Also included in a transaction will be a date/time stamp and a number indicating the length (in seconds) of the call. No change will need to be made to the user interface for creating a subscription. What will need to change is the ActionScript 2.0 code on the Subscription creation screen. Rather than directly creating a subscription, the code will instead delegate to the new Transaction class and allow the subscription to be created as part of the process of capturing the transaction.

The last change required to implement the auditing will be a new user interface. This new interface call allows auditors to find, view, and report on transactions within the system. The core infrastructure this system will use is already in place, so implementing this change should not be a painful task.

Public Website

Another change that may be requested of the system is the ability to add a public web interface to allow customers to order their own subscriptions over the Web without needing to call the call center. This enhancement will be simple to implement. You need only add a new role to the system that will represent a public website customer. Next, the Customer class will need to be modified to allow for a customer to choose a username and password so that he or she can be authenticated to the system. Last, the Create customer and Create subscription screens will need to be made available to the public website.

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