Installing the Adobe FDS

In this task, you will install the FDS on the Adobe JRun server.


Install FDS with the integrated JRun server option using all the default settings. Double click the Flex Data Services installation file, FDS-win2.exe.

Accept the license agreement. Specify which browser to install the Flash player into. FDS, running on a stand-alone JRun server, enables you to have access to all the data services.


Open Windows Explorer (or if you are working on another operating system, any type of file management utility) and navigate to the Flex context root. The default directory location for the Windows installation is the following:


This path refers to the application root, also known as the context root, which is where all the files you will use for the data services are installed. Note that underneath this directory, there is a subdirectory called WEB-INF, which contains all the directories and files that configure the behavior of a J2EE web application. Adobe Flex Data Services is available for Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP professional Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Server 4 or the SUSE Linux enterprise server from Novell.


Open the WEB-INF directory within the context root and examine the files in this directory.

The web.xml file contains instructions for processing requests from the Flex client application. The flex subdirectory contains all libraries and configuration files required by FDS, and the classes subdirectory is the preferred location for compiled Java classes that will be called by the FDS at run time. There is also a lib subdirectory, which is the preferred location for JAR files that contain compiled Java classes that will be called by the FDS at run time.


Open a command window by clicking the Windows Start menu. Select the Run option, enter cmd, and click OK.

Because you installed the stand-alone version of JRun, you must start the server to use the FDS. In the first step, you installed the FDS as an application rather than a service, which means you must keep the command window open to keep the server running.


Still in the command window, switch to the bin subdirectory of the integrated JRun server by using the change directory. Enter cd/fds2/jrun4/bin at the prompt. The bin directory is under the data services root, and this is where you start the FDS service.


Enter this command:

jrun -start default 

You should see the JRun server start in the command window. FDS is now ready to use.

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