who is this book for?

do you want to be a hacker, or learn more about them?

do you like to play annoying pranks?

are you knew to computers and feel overwhelmed by the technology?

are you at a loss as to what to do with your computer?

are you tired of parental controls?

if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this book is for you. this book is an introduction to windows xp which will not only get you thinking like a hacker by guiding you through the underworld of technology, but set you on the right path to becoming a power-user as well (in only 21 days! lolz). very little computer experience is required to absorb this information. by utilizing the unique teaching method "reverse-troubleshooting" aka trouble-making invented by the author (me); you will learn how to take control of your home computer and about the wide variety of possibilities & professions available, along with resources to further educate yourself on whichever topic intrigues you the most.

most if not all technical books can be frustrating as they assume or require a certain amount of previous education, and they only focus on one specific technology. being completely self-taught; i understand the frustrations of what other sources lack. people tend to skip the fundamentals that are typically only learned from experience; this book fills in that gap.

believe it or not, the biggest reason that viruses are so successful at spreading in the world today is not because of hackers or buggy/outdated software, it is because of a simple acronym known as pebkac. problem exists between keyboard and chair. even experienced computer users sometimes have no idea what they're doing; it's not hard to assume that someone is an expert when they know a little about something of which you know nothing. when it comes to computers it is almost funny just how ignorant some people can be; just ask anyone who works in tech support.

if you're anything like me, then the thought has probably crossed your mind that nobody can write an effective hacking book because anything potentially damaging or sneaky would be rendered useless shortly after its release. many hackers themselves believe that no such book could exist because every hacker takes a different path to becoming a hacker, so how could a solitary book possibly teach you? let me assure you from experience, part of hacking is adapting to change, and by the time this book is rendered useless then another book by another hacker or a revision will be right around the corner. the minds of hackers are similar no matter what path they came from, and i will share these similarities with you. a solitary book can teach you how to hack, and this book is proof of that.

the material contained within this book should be required reading for anyone prior to even touching a computer; think of it as your personal survival guide. or maybe you're just interested in understanding viruses or spying on your significant other (shame on you). ignorance is not bliss. by reading this book, you will become a very dangerous person with a computer; it is critical that you understand the danger in order to protect yourself from it.

Tapeworm - 1337 Hax or Handbook
Tapeworm - 1337 Hax or Handbook
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