project: ie and style sheets

in this project you will practice your research skillz. your mission is to search the web for tutorials on a client-side language called css (cascading style sheets). html as previously mentioned is the most basic web development language; css is kind of like an extension to that language allowing you more control over the positioning and display of web page content. i'm not asking you to learn the language (although it's a good language to know), but rather to grasp enough of an understanding that you can take advantage of the following incentive.

open the "internet options" icon within your control panel, and click the "accessibility" button at the bottom. check the box that says "format documents using my style sheet," which should activate a text box. in this text box, you can type or browse to any style sheet file that you create, which (if supported by the browser) will affect every web page that you or anyone else visits. when a web page displays an image, it is usually done so with the following code:

 <img width="50" height="50" src="/books/3/278/1/html/2/image.jpg" alt="my image" /> 

as an example, the following css code will disable all images that use the "img" tags from displaying. type the code in notepad, then save it as "wutev.css" in your temp folder:

 img {   display: none; } 

now you can browse to the file in your internet options as described above. after the style sheet has been applied, go ahead and surf to any website you want to see it in action. you may occasionally still see some images, but that's because there is more than one way to display an image; by researching and extending the css code you could cover these other methods.

you can add multiple style commands to the file if you'd like a combination of effects. css can give you a lot of control over how pages are displayed, and this is a great joke because even people who find the code will be afraid to delete it because they don't understand what it does. the best way to trick somebody is to talk over their head, but of course it helps to actually know what you're talking about.

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