How to Create a Catalog

Complete the following steps to create a catalog in ZENworks 7 Linux Management:


Launch a browser and enter the URL of the ZENworks Control Center.


Log in to the ZENworks Control Center.


Click Bundles on the menu tab at the top of the page.


Click the New drop-down menu and choose Catalog. This starts the Catalog Creation Wizard (see Figure 8.1).

Figure 8.1. Step 1 of the Catalog Creation Wizard.

Complete the wizard to create a catalog. The steps of the wizard are described in the following sections.

Catalog Creation Wizard: Catalog Name

During step 1 of the wizard you must enter the following information:

  • Name Enter the catalog's name. This is the name that will be displayed in the ZENworks Control Center for this catalog.

  • Display Name Enter the name of the catalog that should be displayed on the end-user interface system.

  • Folder Browse to the folder under the Bundles area where you want this catalog to be created. Folders help you organize your catalogs.

  • Description Enter a text description if you desire. This description is used to assist you in remembering what this catalog may contain.

Press Next. This advances the wizard to step 2, where you specify the Catalog Attributes.

Catalog Creation Wizard: Catalog Attributes

Step 2 displays a screen similar to Figure 8.2.

Figure 8.2. Step 2 of the Catalog Creation Wizard, to assign attributes.

On step 2 of the wizard you are simply asked whether you want to hide the catalog from the user on the client machine.

Hiding a catalog is a good idea if you are using it to deploy software that has dependent RPM packages. This way you don't have to rely on the user installing software. For example, you would hide a catalog that is used to deploy virus patterns that are dependent upon the antivirus software being installed.

To hide a catalog, mark the check box next to Hide This Catalog in the Client User Interface.

Catalog Creation Wizard: Summary

Step 3 of the wizard is the Summary page. The Summary page displays all aspects of the catalog. See Figure 8.3.

Figure 8.3. The Summary page of the Catalog Creation Wizard.

Review the summary page and press Back to return to a previous page to make changes, Cancel to terminate the catalog creation, or Finish to complete and create the catalog.

After you press the Finish button, the ZENworks Control Center displays the success in the catalog creation. Press OK to return to the ZENworks Control Center.

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