This chapter discussed the creation and assignment of bundles and bundle groups. Bundles contain sets of RPM files or references to image files on ZENworks servers. RPM bundles assigned to a device cause that device to install those packages. Assigning a preboot bundle assigns a specific image to the device so when a re-image is requested, that image is applied.

Users of previous versions of ZENworks Linux Management will see that packages are now placed into bundles that can be assigned. Also, you will see later that catalogs are much like channels in previous versions of ZENworks Linux Management. The enhancement with ZENworks 7 is that bundles perform the installation without requiring a transaction to identify specific RPMs.

Those of you who have a background in the traditional ZENworks product will recognize that bundles are much like Application Objects from ZENworks Desktop Management and Distributions from ZENworks Server Management. Bundles represent content to be delivered to any device.

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