The FileSystem Control Object Model


eMbedded Visual Basic: Windows CE and Pocket PC Mobile Applications
By Chris Tacke, Timothy Bassett
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appendix A.  Control Reference

The following tables outline the Object Model for the FileSystem Control. This control is included in MSCEFile.dll.

Table A.26. FileSystem Control Methods
Method Return Description
Dir String Returns the next file matching the criteria last passed into the Dir method. The first call to Dir must include a criterion.
FileCopy Nothing Copies an existing file to a new file.
FileDateTime Date Returns the date and time a file was last modified.
FileLen Long Returns the length of a file in bytes.
GetAttr FileAttrEnum Returns a number representing the attributes of a file or directory. A file may have multiple attributes.
Kill Nothing Deletes the specified file.
MkDir Nothing Creates a new directory.
MoveFile Nothing Moves a file or directory. If a directory is moved, all subdirectories and their contents are also moved.
RmDir Nothing Deletes the specified directory.
SetAttr Nothing Sets the attributes of the specified file.
Table A.27. FileSystem Control Properties
Property Return Description
Name String Gets the logical name of the FileSystem control as set in the Properties window.
Parent Object Gets a reference to the FileSystem control's parent object, such as its containing form.
Tag String Sets or gets a string that can be used to hold any additional information the programmer wants to store.


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