Using Word 2003 to Save Documents to SharePoint

The basic steps of uploading a document to a document library were covered in Lesson 5, "Document Library Basics," but you can also save a document to a SharePoint document library directly from Word 2003. The steps are quite simple:


From within the Word 2003 document, click the File menu.


Click Save As. The Save As dialog box will appear.


If you have created a My Network Place for the SharePoint site (as discussed in Lesson 2, "Accessing SharePoint Sites"), you can simply click My Network Places in the Save As dialog box and then double-click the appropriate Network Place.

If you don't have a My Network Place created for the SharePoint site, you will need to type in the full path for the site (such as http://spsite/sites/sitename).


Double-click the document library to save the document to (for example, Shared Documents in Figure 13.1) and then make sure the filename is correct. Click Save.

Figure 13.1. Save As dialog box from Word 2003.

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