Backing Up SharePoint Sites Using FrontPage 2003

One simple solution to backing up a SharePoint site is to use FrontPage 2003. Because a SharePoint site is essentially a compilation of web pages and other web-specific information, it can be easily backed up from a utility such as FrontPage.


Only the 2003 version of FrontPage supports backups in SharePoint 2003 (it's the only version that even works with SharePoint 2003). Therefore, it is important to run the proper version before connecting to your WSS site.

To perform a backup of a SharePoint site using FrontPage, perform the following steps:


Open Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003.


Go to File, Open Site.


In the Site name field, enter in the URL of the site you want to back up (for example, http://servername/sites/marketing) and then click Open.


Authenticate if prompted.


Go to Tools, Server, Backup Web Site.


When prompted with the dialog box in Figure 24.1, check the box labeled Include subsites in archive (if you want to back up all site and subsites) and then click OK.

Figure 24.1. Backing up the SharePoint site with FrontPage.


Enter a name and a location for the backup file (.fwp) that will be created and then click Save.


The backup procedure will begin and a progress bar similar to the one shown in Figure 24.2 will be displayed. After the backup is finished, you can click OK.

Figure 24.2. FrontPage backing up the SharePoint site.

This technique is useful because you can run it from an Administrator's desktop in the middle of the day or any time you make substantial changes to a site.


Although the FrontPage approach restores most site content, it often does not restore security settings in the same way. You may have to restore some of the security on document libraries and lists after you run the restore. If you desire to restore all aspects of a site, you will need to use an Enterprise tool such as Veritas or a utility such as STSADM.EXE, which is included on a SharePoint server and is described in more detail in Chapter 25, "Migrating and Moving Data."

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