Client-Side Filtering

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Throughout this book, you have learned how and why spammers send spam. This appendix provides information on defeating spam using Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook.


We all know that spam is an ever-growing problem that causes companies around the world to lose enormous amounts of money each year. Microsoft has included some new features in Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003 that will help us combat spam. Outlook includes a much improved junk e-mail filter based on Microsoft’s SmartScreen technology, which we describe in this Appendix. We will also have a look at the Safe Senders, Safe Recipients, and Blocked Senders lists, which are very similar to the ones found in Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2003 Then we will move on to the Exchange 2003 features, which include IP filtering, sender filtering, and real-time black list (RBL) support. To finish the Appendix, we will take a look at Microsoft’s upcoming Exchange 2003 SmartScreen-based Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) technology, which is an Exchange 2003 add-on that will improve Exchange’s quite built-in antispam features.

The topics covered in this Appendix are:

  • Client-Side Filtering

  • Server-Side Filtering

  • Intelligent Message Filter (IMF)

By the end of this Appendix, you will have a thorough understanding of the built-in antispam features of Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003. You will also gain insight into Microsoft upcoming Exchange 2003 antispam IMF add-on.

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