Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Editions

Depending on the requirements of a particular project, you must choose the proper SQL Server version. For example, a small Web site might use SQL Server Express when, in another situation, availability, reliability, and data protection may require a more robust version. We will briefly review each version and its capabilities.

Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition

SQL Server Express Edition is the smallest version of SQL Server 2005, but enables developers to create a fully functional database locally. This version is the proper choice for local, one- user applications, but also can be used for small Web sites.

SQL Server Express may be the smallest version, but be aware that this is a real SQL Server. SQL Server Express can manage databases up to 4 GB and implements the same security management, auditing capabilities, and encryption as the other versions. It also includes the same programmability features including stored procedures, CLR integration, and XML datatype management. Databases created with SQL Server Express are fully compatible with the other versions of SQL Server 2005 and can be used in them without any modification.

Microsoft SQL Server Workgroup Edition

When implementing applications in small- or medium- sized companies with peer-to-peer networks, SQL Server Workgroup Edition is the appropriate version to choose. SQL Server Workgroup has no database size limit, allows you to create transaction log backups , and includes SQL Server Management Studio as part of its installation. In addition, it supports up to two processors.

Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition

SQL Server Standard Edition increases the SQL Server Workgroup multiprocessor support to four processors and is the lightest version of the software that supports sixty-four-bit platforms. It also includes basic data transformation services, Web Services support as HTTP Endpoints, and Analysis Services.

Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition

SQL Server Enterprise Edition is the most powerful version of the SQL Server software and supports unlimited multiprocessors. It allows you to create SQL Server clusters to manage availability and fault tolerance environments.

Solid Quality Learning, Microsoft Corporation Staff - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Essentials Step by Step
Solid Quality Learning, Microsoft Corporation Staff - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Essentials Step by Step
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