Appendix H. LDAP Integration in DB2 UDB Using Microsoft Active Directory

This appendix describes a scenario where a customer wants to utilize the LDAP capabilities of DB2 ESE using Microsoft Active Directory. The OS environments were Windows 95 clients and AIX or Solaris servers.

To access Microsoft Active Directory, ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The machine that runs DB2 must belong to a Windows 2000 domain.

  • The Microsoft LDAP client is installed (it is part of the Windows 2000 operating system). For Windows 98 or Windows NT, you need to verify that the wldap32.dll exists under the system directory.

  • Enable the LDAP support (it is enabled under Windows 2000 installation program). For Windows 98/NT, you must explicitly enable LDAP by setting the DB2_ENABLE_LDAP registry variable to YES, using the db2set command.

  • Log on to a domain user account when running DB2 to read information from the Active Directory.


If DB2 UDB is installed on a Solaris system, the necessary IBM SecureWay Directory Client software is installed with DB2's LDAP Exploitation component. On other platforms, the IBM SecureWay Directory Client needs to be installed separately.

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