Online Rules for Kids

Online Rules for Kids

I know, I know, my kids hate rules, too. But these rules are pretty easy, and it's essential that you teach them to your kids even if you can't always be sure they will be followed. In particular, if you have older kids who you permit to use the Net unsupervised , it's important that they know the rules for safe surfing. (Some folks suggest writing these rules up, having the kids sign them as a contract, and then posting the contract on the wall behind the computer.)

Tell your kids the following:

  • Never reveal to anyone online your real name, email address, phone number, mailing address, school name , or username/password without a parent's involvement and consent . Any other personal information, such as birthday or Social Security number, is also best kept secret. And never, ever, ever send anyone a picture of yourself.

  • Never reveal anything about your parents, siblings, teachers , or friends. Any such information can help a creep find you, and it exposes family and friends to risks, too.

  • Never arrange to meet in person any online friend unless a parent consents before the meeting is arranged, the parent will be present at that meeting, and that meeting will take place in a public setting, such as a restaurant or mall.

  • Anytime you come across anything online that makes you uneasy, go elsewhere or get offline. There's too much good stuff online to waste time looking at the bad.

  • Never download or upload a file, or install any software on the computer, without a parent's consent.

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