Part 9. Building a Web Site

In FrontPage 2003, you can easily create a set of pages, insert hyperlinks in each that lead to the other pages, and publish them as a site ”you needn't fuss with FrontPage's Web sites. Creating Web sites, however, has its advantages. For example, when you apply a theme (refer to Part 2), you'll have the option of applying the theme to the whole site, giving the pages in that site a consistent appearance ”and avoiding the effort of changing them one by one. Likewise, when you run the spell-checker, you'll see an option to check all pages in the Web site at once.

Best of all, a FrontPage Web site enables you to add link bars to your pages ”that is, rows of buttons or text links that lead to other pages in the site. When you use FrontPage link bars, you don't need to create the hyperlinks behind them ”that's automatic. And when you change a page's title, the link bar buttons leading to that page from other pages change automatically to the new title.

FrontPage's Web sites aren't essential. But they can save you a lot of time.

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Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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