Chapter 6. Linux as an SMBCIFS Client

Chapter 6. Linux as an SMB/CIFS Client

Linux often functions as a tool for running Samba as a server on a network that's otherwise dominated by Windows systems. Sometimes, though, you might need to reverse this role and have Linux function as the client in an SMB/CIFS environment. Perhaps a few Linux desktop systems must access Windows servers; maybe a Linux system that works as a server for other protocols must do so. Whatever the details, the Samba package includes client tools, and the Linux kernel also supports accessing SMB/CIFS file shares. Thus, Linux can function in the client role, using Windows, Samba, or other SMB/CIFS servers on other computers.

This chapter covers several specific client roles for Linux on an SMB/CIFS network: using NetBIOS name resolution, accessing file and printer shares, and using GUI network browsers for Linux.

    Linux in a Windows World
    Linux in a Windows World
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