Part II: Local Network Servers

Chapter 5.   Configuring Other Computers via DHCP

Chapter 6.   Authenticating Users via Kerberos

Chapter 7.   File and Printer Sharing via Samba

Chapter 8.   File Sharing via NFS

Chapter 9.   Printer Sharing via LPD

Chapter 10.   Maintaining Consistent Time: Time Servers

Chapter 11.   Pull Mail Protocols: POP and IMAP

Chapter 12.   Running a News Server

Chapter 13.   Maintaining Remote Login Servers

Chapter 14.   Handling GUI Access with X and VNC Servers

Chapter 15.   Providing Consistent Fonts with Font Servers

Chapter 16.   Maintaining a System Remotely

Chapter 17.   Performing Network Backups

Advanced Linux Networking
Advanced Linux Networking
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