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This chapter took you a long way and like any single chapter can only cover some of the material you require. This is particularly true of the move to SQL Server, a topic which has filled many other Wrox books from cover to cover. We have looked at upsizing the Ice Cream database, looking at what can go wrong and how to fix some of the problems, then covered Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions, and had a brief look at using SQLDMO to create users and logins to your ADP. We have also seen that SQL Server Desktop 2000 comes without a user interface; this is perhaps one of its major weaknesses, but we saw how we can overcome this using SQLDMO.

This will get you started on the road to SQL Server and Access Data Projects. Access 2002 provides you with an excellent interface when working with the larger server and lots of graphical tools are available to assist you in the move.

The best advice we can give you about making the move to SQL Server is to plan ahead. Look at your database, look at the tables and data types and the data and plan the move before actually doing anything.

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