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Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography, The: Perfect Photos Every Time
By David Schloss
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: November 07, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-35677-2
Pages: 224

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   About the Contributors
      Blue Pixel
      Nick Didlick
      Bill Durrence
      Kevin T. Gilbert
      Reed Hoffmann
      David Schloss
      Michael A. Schwarz
   Chapter 1.  Choosing the Right Gear
      Selecting a Camera
      The Singular, Handy Single Lens Reflex
      Choosing a Lens
      Becoming Computer Literate
      Accessorizing Yourself
   Chapter 2.  What to Take and What to Leave at Home
      No Power, No Pictures
      Improving Your Image
      Tricks of the Trade
      Choosing the Right Camera Bag
      Packing Your Bags
      Minimalist, Specialist, or Pessimist?
   Chapter 3.  Preparing for Your Photographic Adventure
      Doing Your Research
      Planning Beyond the Basics
      Giving Your Gear a Dry Run
      Taking Your Show on the Road
   Chapter 4.  A Good Attitude Makes Good Pictures
      When in Rome
      Gimme Some Space
      Choose your Shots Wisely
      Accidental Photography
      Going on Safari
   Chapter 5.  Photographing the World
      The Rules
      Preventing Rain from Washing Away Your Photos
      Advanced Photographic Challenges
      Taking Pictures of People
   Chapter 6.  Managing your Gear, and your Photos, on the Road
      Step by Step
      Building Blocks
      Middle Management
      Taking the Easy Way Out
      Pick One from Column A
      A Typical Situation
   Chapter 7.  Sharing your Photos with the World
      Mailing It in
      Slipped Disc
      Virtual Insanity

Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography, The. Perfect Photos Every Time
Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography: Perfect Photos Every Time, The
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