Chapter3.Preparing for Your Photographic Adventure

Chapter 3. Preparing for Your Photographic Adventure

Knowing that the steam from the hot springs at Yellowstone National Park is more visible in the cool morning air can help you plan to be there at the right time. (Photo by Reed Hoffmann)

A photographic journey is 80 percent preparation and 20 percent vacation. Planning the perfect trip requires a bit of mental elbow grease and a lot of time finding resources, looking up information, and managing logistics. In the end, work you do before you go pays off in spades when you see your photographs (previous page).

Years ago, planning a vacation was a straightforward yet inaccurate affair for the novice travel photographer. Few resources existed besides travel agents, a handful of travel books, and a few travel-related magazines such as National Geographic.

Today, there are almost unlimited ways to find information about your destination. This can make it easier to plan your trip, but it can also bog you down with useless reams of data on nonphotographic topics.

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