The JavaScript Editor is a text editor that enables you to type in your JavaScript code and then check the syntax of the code. You must have some JavaScript in your document to open the JavaScript Editor. If you want to open the JavaScript Editor to create a script from scratch, start by choosing JavaScript from the Special menu; then select New Script Element to add a new JavaScript element to your document. You can then select Open JavaScript Editor from the JavaScript submenu under the Special menu. If you expand the <HEAD> section of your document at the top of the Layout Editor, you can double-click any JavaScript icon to open the editor.

You must have an understanding of JavaScript to create and edit scripts. GoLive creates JavaScript code for you when you use the Actions palette. Refer to Chapter 36, "Working with Images and Multimedia in GoLive," for specific information about the Actions palette and inserting JavaScript into your documents.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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Authors: Michael Smick

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