InDesign gives you several options for more automatic graphics fitting. To see fitting options, select either the frame or the contents and then choose Object, Fitting. You can also right-click (Windows users) or Control-click (Mac users) to bring up a context menu and select Fitting, or use the Fitting buttons on the Control palette (see Figure 28.10). You then have five options:

  • Fit Content to Frame sizes the content to fit the frame exactly. This can result in distorted images if the frame and the contents are not of proportional sizes.

  • Fit Frame to Content automatically resizes the frame to fit the graphic content exactly. The entire graphic is displayed.

  • Center Content automatically centers the content in the frame, regardless of fit. That is, neither element changes size; the content and the frame are just centered with each other.

  • Fit Content Proportionally looks for the first proportional fit, either height or width, and sizes the content to that point. In this case, the frame might still be larger than the content and have to be resized.

  • Fill Frame Proportionally resizes the graphic to fill the frame. In this case, the content might still be larger than the frame and may need to be repositioned within the frame.

Figure 28.10. Use InDesign's Fitting options to resize graphics or frames quickly.

Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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