OpenType fonts are a specific type of scalable font developed by Microsoft and Adobe that contain numerous glyphs and characters with swashes or discretionary ligatures. InDesign has a number of built-in features that provide additional support for OpenType fonts.

To see additional OpenType glyphs, open the Glyphs palette (choose Type, Glyphs) and select an OpenType font from the pop-up menu. Any character with additional glyphs displays an arrow in the lower-right corner of each character's display square (see Figure 27.22). To add any of these characters to your page, select it from the Glyphs palette.

Figure 27.22. An OpenType font displays multiple options for various characters in the Glyphs palette.

To turn on the optional font characteristics, like swashes and discretionary ligatures, select the OpenType font in the Character or Control palette. Select OpenType in the palette menu and choose the option you want to turn on. Any option that is not available with that particular font will appear in square brackets ([ ]).

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Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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