If you have several objects to which you would like to add the same object effects, Object Styles gives you the option to save the effects as styles that you can quickly add to another page element.

Choose Window, Object Styles to open the Object Styles palette (see Figure 26.22).

Figure 26.22. The Object Styles palette.

To create a new style, select New Object Style from the palette menu. You can set multiple types of object effects in this dialog using the selections in the left pane. All these options have either been explained previously in this chapter or will be covered in Chapter 27. The following is an overview of the options you can apply in your Object Style:

  • Fill: Set color, tint, or gradients.

  • Stroke: Select color options and stroke type.

  • Stroke and Corner Effects: Set stroke effects and corner effects.

  • Transparency: Select the transparency percentage and blending mode.

  • Drop Shadow and Feather: Select from the same options previously mentioned for these two effects.

  • Paragraph Styles: Choose from defined paragraph styles.

  • Text Frame General Options and Text Frame Baseline Options: Define how the text appears in a type frame.

    If you have already created and modified an object and then decide you'd like to save that effect as an object style, select the object and click the New Style button at the bottom of the Object Styles palette.

  • Story Options: Choose whether to apply Optical Marginal Alignment.

  • Text Wrap and Other: Choose text wrap type and nonprinting options.

  • Anchored Object Options: Choose how to deal with anchored objects.

Again, those options in this dialog that deal with text are covered in Chapter 27.

Object styles can also be imported from another document. Choose Load Object Styles from the palette menu to browse for a document that contains the object style(s) you want to bring into the current document.

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