Adobe has included a number of features in InDesign to make former PageMaker users more comfortable. The PageMaker toolbar is one such feature (see Figure 24.12). This toolbar mimics a feature of PageMaker that puts many common application features at your fingertips. The selections should also be familiar to Microsoft Office users. Each button represents a different action; they are listed here as they appear across the toolbar from left to right:

  • New Document

  • Open Document

  • Save

  • Print

  • Find/Change

  • Check Spelling

  • Open Character Palette

  • Increase Font Size

  • Decrease Font Size

  • Open Swatches Palette

  • Open Paragraph Palette

  • Open Tabs Palette

  • Bulleted List

  • Numbered List

  • Decrease Left Indent

  • Increase Left Indent

  • Insert Pages

  • Remove Pages

  • Text Frame Options

  • Open Text Wrap Palette

  • Update Link

  • Place

  • Open Photoshop

  • Open Illustrator

  • Package for GoLive

  • Export Adobe PDF

  • Zoom In

  • Zoom Out

  • Actual Size

  • Fit Spread in Window

  • Open Adobe Help Center

Figure 24.12. The PageMaker toolbar.

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Special Edition Using Adobe Creative Suite 2
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