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M_PI constant
"magic" constants
magic quotes
     checking for
magic_quotes_gpc configuration settings
MagpieRSS parser
mail [See email]
Mail class (PEAR)
mail( ) 2nd 3rd
Mail::factory( )
Mail_mime class (PEAR) 2nd
Mail_mime::addAttachment( )
Mail_mime::send( )
Mail_mime::setHTMLBody( )
Mail_mime::setTXTBody( )
mangle_email( ) 2nd
Mastering Regular Expressions (Friedl, Jeffrey E. F.)
max( )
maximal matching
mb_ereg( )
mb_ereg_replace( )
mb_eregi( )
mb_eregi_replace( )
mb_send_mail( )
mb_split( )
mb_strlen( ) 2nd
mb_strpos( )
mb_strrpos( )
mb_strtolower( )
mb_strtoupper( )
mb_substr( )
mb_substr_count( )
mbstring extension
mcrypt 2nd
mcrypt_create_iv( )
mcrypt_decrypt( )
mcrypt_encrypt( )
mcrypt_get_block_size( )
mcrypt_get_iv_size( ) 2nd
mcrypt_list_modes( )
mcypt_list_algorithms( )
md5( ) 2nd 3rd
     lost passwords and
     storing passwords
     verifying data with hashes
mean( )
Means, W. Scott
menus (drop-down) 2nd
Mersenne Twister (MT)
Mersenne, Marin
message catalogs, localizing text
message MIME type
metacharacters 2nd
method_exists( )
methods 2nd
     accessing overridden
     polymorphism, using
     preventing changes to
         with WSDL, calling
         without WSDL, calling
     SOAP, accepting arguments in
     SOAP, serving
     sorting arrays with
     static, defining
     WSDL, generating automatically
Microsoft (Windows)
     binary files, reading
     directories in pathnames
     FFI extension, reading passowords
     handling line delimiters
     SMTP variables and
     strftime( ) and date( ) format characters for
     XAMPP using
microtime( ) 2nd
MIME mail
     IMAP types
min( )
minimal matching
mkdir( )
     locking files
mktime( ) 2nd 3rd
     dates, calculating with
     time zones and
monetary values, formatting
money_format( ) 2nd
moveToAttribute method
msg( )
MT (Mersenne Twister)
mt_getrandmax( )
mt_rand( )
mt_srand( )
multidimensional arrays, sorting
multipage forms
multipart MIME type
     parsing dates and
     test environments, setting up
"The Mythical Man-Month" (Brooks, Fred)

PHP Cookbook, 2nd Edition
PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers
ISBN: 0596101015
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 445

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