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data persistence [See sessions]
data source name (DSN)
data sources (LDAP)
data stuctures, using complex SOAP types
     accessing connections
     CSV (comma-separated values)
     encrypted data
     identifiers, creating unique
     logging information/errors
     modifying data in SQL
     paginated links, making
     quotes, escaping
     random rows, selecting
     repeating queries efficiently
     retrieving rows without a loop
     rows, finding number of by a query
     sessions, storing
     SQL databases
     vs. LDAP
date( ) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     finding day, week, month or year with
     time zones and
     Usenet, reading messages and
Date_Calc class (PEAR)
date_default_timezone_get( )
date_default_timezone_set( ) 2nd 3rd
     adding or subtracting from
     epoch timestamps and 2nd 3rd
     finding current
     finding day, week, month, or year
     finding the difference of two
         Julian days
     parsing from strings
daylight savings time (DST) 2nd
     time zones and
DB2 DBM backends
DB3 DBM backends
db_connect( )
dba_close( )
dba_exists( )
dba_fetch( )
dba_firstkey( )
dba_nextkey( ) 2nd
dba_open( ) 2nd
dba_replace( )
DBCxn::get( ) method
DBGp protocol
DBM Databases
debug_backtrace( )
debug_print_backtrace( ) 2nd
debugclient application
    configuration variables
     extensions 2nd
     logging errors
     logging information
     SOAP requests
decbin( )
dechec( )
decimal numbers
declare block
decoct( )
define( )
deg2rad( )
DELETE command (REST)
delete HTTP verb
DELETE query 2nd
     finding number of
delimiters 2nd
     Perl m/ / pattern matching and
     variable-length text fields, processing
dgettext( )
Digest Authentication 2nd
dir( )
     copying/moving files
     deleting files
     file information, getting
     file permission/ownership, changing
     getting a list of matching a pattern
     making new
     processing all files in
     processing all files in recursively
     splitting filenames into component parts
     timestamps, getting and setting
DirectoryIterator 2nd 3rd
dirname( )
display( )
display_form( )
distinguished names (LDAP)
<div/> tag
dl( ) 2nd
DNS and BIND (Albitz, Liu)
DNS lookups
do/while loop
Document Type Definitions (DTDs)
Dojo toolkit
dojo.io.bind( )
dollar sign ($)
DOM 2nd 3rd
     complex XML documents
     generating XML with
     XSLT and
domain names
DOMDocument class
DOMDocument object
DOMDocument::__construct( )
DOMDocument::createElement( )
DOMDocument::createElementNS( )
DOMDocument::relaxNGValidate( )
DOMDocument::save( )
DOMDocument::saveXML( )
DOMDocument::schemaValidate( )
DOMDocument::schemaValidateSource( )
DOMXPath::query( )
dot (.) [See ., under Symbols]
     regular expression metacharacter
double colon (::)
     accessing methods or variables
double quotes (")
     escaping in database queries
drop-down menus 2nd
DSN (data source name)
DST (daylight savings time) 2nd
     time zones and
DTDs (Document Type Definitions)
Dumbill, Edd 2nd
dynamic buttons
dynamic functions
dynamic images, building
dynamic variable names

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