Merging Recordings

Once you've punched in and out a few times, you'll notice that the track has been divided into several Objects. This is not a problem until you want to move the entire passage. Having to select multiple Objects can get confusing, and mistakes can easily be made. In this case, once you're sure that everything sounds correct, you can simply glue all the Objects back together again. This will not change the sound of the track at all.


Select all Audio Regions in the track you've been recording to.


From the toolbox, select the Glue tool.


Click any of the Objects with the Glue tool.


By default, pressing the J key merges all selected Regions in the Arrange window.

An Alert dialog pops open. In essence this dialog says you have Audio Regions from several different files selected. Consequently, to create a single Audio Region out of multiple audio files, Logic needs to combine the selected Regions into a single, new audio file.


In the Alert dialog, click Create.

Logic mixes down the selected Regions to create a new Region, and a Progress dialog pops open so you can keep track of how long the mixdown will take.

When the mixdown is completed, you are left with a single continuous Region in the Arrange window. This new Region will sound identical to what you had before you merged the Objects.

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