Moving and Copying Regions

Moving and copying Regions is a basic part of creating an arrangement, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following techniques.


From the Arrange window's toolbox select the Arrow tool, and then select the House Searing Organ Region.


Drag the House Searing Organ Region to 9 1 1 1.


Next, hold down the Option key and drag the House Warm Chord Synth Region to 5 1 1 1.


In Logic, or any other Apple program, Option-dragging always copies the dragged object.

A copy of the House Warm Chord Synth Region is created.


In the Track List, select the House Warm Chord Synth track.

Both of the track's Regions are selected. This is an important step, because when you paste a Region into the Arrange area, it always pastes into the track selected in the Track List.


Press Cmd-C.

Logic copies the Regions from the Arrange area and to the Clipboard. Let's paste these Regions back in at bar 9.


Click the Transport's Bar Position text box and type in 9 1 1 1; then press Return.


You can also just click the Bar Ruler at bar 9 to move the SPL. However, this is an important edit, and positioning the SPL by entering a value for the Transport's bar position is much more accurate.


Press Cmd-V to paste the cut Regions from the Clipboard back into the Arrange area.

The cut Regions are pasted back in at bar 9 1 1 1.

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