Naming Regions

The toolbox has a special tool for naming MIDI Regions and Audiothe Text tool.


From the Arrange window's toolbox, select the Text tool.


Click the House Searing Organ Region.

A text box opens.


Type myOrgan, and press Return.

The Audio Region is named myOrgan.

Transferring Track Names to Regions

Logic provides a great method for naming Regions after the tracks they are arranged in.


In the Track List, hold down the Command key and double-click the name of the House Warm Chord Synth.

A text box opens. When you hold down Command and double-click a track in the Track List, Logic lets you change the name of the track!


Type Synth Chords into the text box, and press Return.

The Track is named Synth Chords.


From the Arrange window's local menu bar, choose Region > Track Names To Regions.

The track's name is applied to its Audio Region.

Naming Sequential Regions

You can also use the Text tool to name several Regions at the same time.


Using the Text tool, rubber-band select all of the Bass Line MIDI Regions in the Audio Instrument 1 track.


Logic Express users will only have two Regions in the Audio Instrument 1 track.


With the Text tool, click the first Audio Region, name it Bass 1, and press Return.

The first Region is given the name Bass 1, while the second is given the name Bass 2, the third is Bass 3, and so on. Logic has automatically recognized the number at the end of the name and incremented it in the following Audio Region. This works with as many Regions as are sequentially selected.

If you don't want selected Regions to be given sequentially numbered names, use the following trick:


With the Text tool, click the first Audio Region, name it Bass 1 followed by a space (that's a spacebar space), and press Return.

All of the selected Audio Regions are named exactly the same thingBass 1!

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