Exporting Audio to Movies

Once you've finished your score, only one thing remainsputting the sound into the movie. And this couldn't be easier using Logic 7, because you can now just export the song's audio straight into a copy of the movie file you've been scoring.


From the Arrange window's local menu bar, choose Options > Movies > Export Audio to Movie.

The Sound Settings dialog opens. This dialog assumes the sampling rate used for your song, and it is set to 16-bit stereo audio by default. This is the audio format typically used for video, so there are no further settings to make here.


Click the Sound Settings window's OK button.

The "Location and name of new movie" dialog opens. By default, it chooses the same directory as the movie you are scoring.


Select Desktop as the location to save your movie to, enter a name for the new movie, and click the Save button.

The "Select the audio tracks of movie to keep in new movie" dialog appears. You've already added the source movie's audio tracks to the Arrange window, so there's no need to add them to the new movie.


Click below the selected track in the dialog to deselect it.


Click the OK button.

Logic bounces the song's audio, adds it to a copy of the source movie's video, and saves the finished file on your desktop.


Locate the movie on your desktop and double-click it to open it in QuickTime.


Play the movie.

Approximately 26 seconds into the movie, you hear the added water sound effect.

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