Scoring to Video

The client would like you to add three specific water effects beginning at SMPTE time code 00:00:26.06. In the following section, you'll use some of Logic's scoring features to add these water effects to the score. But first, let's import the effects into the arrangement.


In a Finder window, navigate to the APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 13 Project Files > Audio Files folder.

In this folder there are three water effects, named Water1.aif, Water2.aif, and Water3.aif.


Select all three of the water effects files, and drag them to bar 1 of the Arrange window's Effect 1 track.

Because you dragged multiple files into the Arrange window, the Add Selected Files to Arrange dialog appears. These are all water effects that will be arranged on the Effect 1 track, so let's make sure they all end up on the track where we want them.


Choose the "Place all files on selected track" option, and click the OK button.

Logic places all three audio files back to back in the Effect 1 track. Don't worry about their position at the moment. In the following steps you'll use some of Logic's scoring features to move them exactly where they are needed.

Using Pickup Clock

The ingeniously named Pickup Clock function moves a selected Object to the SPL's position in the arrangement. In essence, the selected Object picks up the position of the SPL. When you're spotting sound to video, this function comes in very handy indeed.

However, the Pickup Clock function is available only as a key command. By default this key command is not set, so before you can use it, you have to assign it.


Press Option-K to open the Key Commands window.


In the Key Commands window's search field, type pick.


Assign Ctrl-P to the Pickup Clock (Move Event to SPL Position) function. (For more information on assigning key commands, see Lesson 3, "Understanding Workflow Techniques.")


Close the Key Commands window.


In the Arrange area, select the Water1 Region (the first Region in the Effect 1 track).

As noted above, the client would like you to add the water effects beginning at SMPTE time code 00:00:26.06. Let's move the SPL to exactly that frame.


In the Movie window, double-click the SMPTE time code display, type 00:00:26:06, and press Return.

The SPL moves to the specified time code value.


You can leave some of the 0s out of the entered time code value and replace the colons with periodsLogic will understand exactly what you mean. For example, in the step above you could type into the SMPTE display, and Logic would still move the SPL to 00:00:26:06.


Press Ctrl-P.

The Water1 Region jumps to the SPL's position.

Using Drag Modes

Drag modes (located in the Drag Mode menu in the top right corner of the Arrange window) dictate how Logic moves Regions as you drag them around the Arrange area. By default the Drag Mode menu is set to Overlap, which means that you can drag and drop one Region over the top of another with no problems. This works great for everyday audio editing, but when it comes time to score video, Logic's Shuffle modes are often the Drag mode of choice. The Shuffle mode causes a Region to shuffle up to the Region immediately to its left or right, depending on the Shuffle mode selected. This ensures there is no space between the two Regions, so one Region plays smoothly into the next with no drop in the track's audio.


From the Drag Mode menu, choose Shuffle R (Shuffle Right).


In the Effect 1 track, grab the Water3 Region (the one now in the middle of the other two water Regions), and drag it right a little bit, then release it.

The Region jumps right and shuffles up to the left edge of the Water1 Region at 00:00:26:06.


From the Drag Mode menu, choose Shuffle L (Shuffle Left).


Drag the Water3 Region back toward the Water2 Region in the beginning of the Effect 1 track, and drop it.

The Water3 Region once again shuffles up to the Water2 Region.

The Shuffle mode in Logic works a bit differently than it does in some other audio editing programs. For example, if you drag both the Water2 and Water3 Regions behind the Water1 Region, you'll notice that all of the Regions shuffle forward by the combined duration of the moved Regions.


Select both the Water2 and Water3 Regions.


Drag them to the right of the Water1 Region.

Notice how the Water1 Region has shifted forward. This isn't exactly where it needs to beit needs to start at 00:00:26:06. Let's use Pickup Clock to move all of the water Regions to the proper position in the arrangement.


Select all three water Regions.


Make sure the SPL is at 00:00:26:06.


Press Ctrl-P.

The selected Regions jump to the right, and the Water1 Region now begins at exactly 00:00:26:06.


Play the song from bar 9 and listen to the water effect.


Adjust the volume of the water effect so it sits properly in the mix.


Stop playback.

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