Lesson10.Automating the Mix

Lesson 10. Automating the Mix

Media Time Goals

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This lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Learn about Track Automation

Enter automation nodes by hand

Experiment with automation modes to record automation in real time

Use Automation Quick Access

Assign multiple MIDI controllers to automate more than one plug-in parameter at a time

Some high-end hardware mixing consoles can record fader movements, and if you've ever watched one of those mixing consoles in action, you can almost see ghostly hands moving the faders up and down to make volume adjustments. This feature is called automation, and as you may have guessed from this lesson's title, Logic can automate fader movement, too. But Logic does not stop there: It can automate all MIDI controller data, and even the sliders and knobs on every DSP plug-in, including software instruments and effects such as Delay and EQ. Automation really is the icing on the sonic cake, because it takes an otherwise straight-ahead mix and breathes life into it by changing its sound over time to create a constantly evolving ambience. If you want to make your mixes truly shine, automation is the answer.

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