Legacy filename creation, disabling, 200-202

Link-Layer Topology Discover Mapper, 169

Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver, 247

Link-Layer Topology Responder, 247

Local policy, defined, 39

Local Security Policy, security message, display of, 13

Lockout policy, setting, 261-62


adding to Start menu/Start Panel, 41

removing from Start menu, 43

Logon screen, customizing, 7-17

background, 15

difficulty of, 7-8

last logon, clearing, 10-12, 260

Num Lock, enabling by default, 14-15

screensaver, changing, 12-13

security message, 13-14

system accounts, hiding, 10-11

user images, changing, 8-9

Logon speed, improving, 183-96

automatic logon, 184

auto-start applications, disabling, 186-88

auto-start applications for all users, modifying, 193-94

auto-start applications return problem, 188-89

IP configuration, alternate address, 194-96

logon music, disabling, 196

RealPlayer features problem, 189-90

security alerts, disabling, 191-92

LogonStudio, 15

Logs, Event Viewer, 142

Loudness Equalization, 115

Low Frequency Protection, Low Frequency Protection

Hacking Windows Vista
Hacking Windows Vista: ExtremeTech
ISBN: 0470046872
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 105
Authors: Steve Sinchak

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