Master file table (MFT)

Master file table (MFT), defragmenting, 203

MCDBrowser, 124

mcePhone for Skype, 124

mceWeather, 124

Media, customizing

audio system, 111-15

Media Center, 119-24

Windows Media Player 11, 115-19

Media Center, 119-24

television component. See TV viewing, Media Center

Media Center Entender, 169

Media Center Receiver, 169

Media Center Scheduler, 170

Media Player. See Windows Media Player 11

Medium Icons view, purpose of, 93


latency tests, 150

memory faults, causes of, 133

NTFS file system memory, adjusting, 204-6

out of memory errors, 224

paging file, 223-29

PCMark05 benchmarking, 150

performance counters, 138

performance overview, 133

RAM, adding, 220-21

RAM and boot speed, 156

Task Manager information, 144

USB storage devices, 222-23


disabling, 41

fade/slide effects, 209-10

personalized, disabling, 30-31

shadows effect, 210

Microangelo On Display, 51

Microsoft Windows Live Gallery, site for, 145

Modems, disabling and boot speedup, 163

Mouse cursors

customizing, 65-66

shadows effect, 210

Movies, desktop background, 51-53

MP3 files, Preview pane browsing, 84

msconfig, 4

MSN Remote Record add-on, 124

MUI (multilingual user interface), boot screen image, creating, 5-7

Multimedia devices, disabling and boot speedup, 163-64


playing. See Audio system; Windows Media Player 11

removing from Start menu, 42

Hacking Windows Vista
Hacking Windows Vista: ExtremeTech
ISBN: 0470046872
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 105
Authors: Steve Sinchak

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