3CNF-SAT or 3SAT, solving in a cell, 184

3D (optical) memories

branched photocycle (see sequential one-photon)

comparison of bit density with other technology, 195

holographic, 203-204

multiplexing, techniques and necessity for, 211

simultaneous two-photon, 205

sequential one-photon, 205-208

erasure process, 207, 208

error analysis, 211

global erasure in prototype system, 209

reading process, 206, 207, 208

wavelengths used in data storage, 206

writing process, 206, 207-208

writing process in prototype system, 209


Acetylcholine sensor. See Biosensors, acetylcholine sensor

Actuators, gel, triggered by Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction, 72, 73

Adaptation in proteins, 8

Adaptation of system to physical dynamics (artificial evolution), 26

Adenine, binding of in a cleft, 41

Adenosine mono, di, and triphosphate (AMP, ADP, ATP) in molecular recognition, 41, 45-46, 51

ATP use in respiration process, 221-222

Aerial and satellite pictures, image processing of, 119

Alcohol sensor. See Biosensors, alcohol sensor

Algorithmic complexity. See Complexity, algorithmic

Allostery, 36

definition of, 44

Amino acid sensor. See Biosensor, amino acid sensor

Ammonium ion (NH4), 40, 41

effects of binding on pKa, 43

AND gates. See Wave gates, AND

Anion recognition, 41-42

Antenna, in photoluminescence, examples of, 50

Antibiotic resistance, increased, 177

Antiport, in membrane transport, 49

Ant paradigm, 85-86


compressible, 1, 3-4, 5-6

general purpose, 4

new meaning in biological computers, 8

neuromolecular, 27-28

nonprogrammable, 3-4, 6-8

structurally programmable, 5 (see also compressible)

Arsenic-iodine reaction, used as a coupled reaction-diffusion system, 136

Associative memories, definition of, 203. See also Bacteriorhodopsin, holographic associative memories

ATP. See Adenosine

Autocatalysis. See Self-replication

Molecular Computing
Molecular Computing
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