Changing the Background Color of Cells and Ranges

You can add even more pizzazz to your spreadsheets by changing the background color of individual cells or ranges of cells. This sort of shading is useful when you want to highlight information in a spreadsheet, as shown in Figure 30.

Figure 30. A spreadsheet with cells shaded different colors.

To change the background color of a cell or range of cells, follow these steps:


Select the Format tab.


Select the cell or range.


Click the Background Color button.


When the color chart appears, as shown in Figure 31, select the color you want.

Figure 31. Choosing a cell background color.


When you change the background color for a cell, be sure the text color is a good contrast to the background color. You don't want green text on a green background, for example; strive for a readable contrast in colors.

Using Google Spreadsheets
Using Google Spreadsheets
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