Additional Information

Additional Information

We distilled information from several sources for this chapter:

  • White Papers

    "Microsoft .NET for Manufacturing: Extending the Enterprise Through Open Protocols"

    ".NET in the Real World"

    ".NET Framework Product Overview"

    Other Whitepapers and articles are available on Microsoft Technet and MSDN.

You will find a range of information about .NET on the following Microsoft Web sites:

  • .NET

    This is the primary site for Microsoft .NET information. It includes information for developers, IT professionals, and businesses about the advantages of .NET. There are also links to more Microsoft Web sites focused on key .NET technologies, product offerings, and activities.

  • MSDN .NET Information

    This Web site is the Microsoft source for .NET information, tools, and technologies for developers worldwide.

  • Visual Studio .NET home page

    This site contains product information about Visual Studio .NET.

  • SOAP

    This Web site consists of information about Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).


    This site contains information about ASP.NET, Microsoft's Active Server Pages programming tools for .NET.

  • GotDotNet

    This Web site contains hundreds of tutorials and code samples that demonstrate ASP.NET and .NET Framework.

  • MSDN XML Information

    This site includes information about XML.

  • Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers home page

    This Web site comprises product information about Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers.

  • Microsoft .NET My Services home page

    This site consists of information about Microsoft .NET My Services

  • Microsoft .NET Passport home page

    This Web site covers information about .NET Passport.

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