Cedar Bank Components and Remote Environments

Cedar Bank Components and Remote Environments

Cedar Bank can use any of the following eight different host environment configurations, four in the CICS environment (two SNA and two TCP/IP) and four in the IMS environment (one SNA and three TCP/IP):

  • CICS Link SNA (over LU 6.2)
  • CICS SNA (over LU 6.2)
  • CICS Concurrent (over TCP/IP)
  • CICS MS Link (simulated CICS Link over TCP/IP)
  • IMS SNA (over LU 6.2)
  • IMS Implicit (over TCP/IP)
  • IMS Explicit (over TCP/IP)
  • IMS OTMA (over TCP/IP)

The following table includes a COMTI component for each of these eight host mainframe environments. Choose the COMTI component (.tlb) files that fit your particular mainframe environment, and create an instance of the remote environment (RE) type shown.

ProgID RE Type COMTI Component
CICS_Link.CedarBank.1 CICS LINK using LU 6.2 CICS_Link_CedarBank.tlb
CICS_LU62.CedarBank.1 CICS using LU 6.2 CICS_LU62_CedarBank.tlb
TCP_Concurrent.CedarBank.1 CICS and IMS using TCP/IP CICS_TCP_Concurrent_CedarBank.tlb

TCP_MSlink.CedarBank.1 CICS and IMS using TCP/IP CICS_MSLink_CedarBank.tlb
IMS_LU62.CedarBank.1 IMS using LU 6.2 IMS_LU62_CedarBank.tlb
IMS_TCP_Implicit.CedarBank.1 CICS and IMS using TCP/IP IMS_TCP_Explicit_CedarBank.tlb
IMS_TCP_Explicit.CedarBank.1 CICS and IMS using TCP/IP IMS_TCP_Implicit_CedarBank.tlb
IMS_TCP_OTMA.CedarBank.1 IMS using OTMA IMS_OTMA_CedarBank.tlb

To configure the sample application to use a Remote Environment

  1. Set up a Remote Environment using the procedures in the Host Integration Server 2000 documentation.
  2. Using Visual Studio .NET, open either the Visual Basic or C# project along with its corresponding CedarBank.vb or the CedarBank.cs file.
  3. Select the project in the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio .NET.
  4. Click the Project menu, and then click Add Reference.
  5. Browse to the typelib folder for the Remote Environment you set up in Step 1 above.
  6. Select the typelib in the folder corresponding to the Remote Environment and click OK.
  7. Find and Replace all instances of TCP_MSLINK with the name assigned in the project references section (such as CICS_LINK or IMS_OTMA.)
  8. Compile and run the application.
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