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This book's target reader is the information technology (IT) professional involved in network security design (network architect, senior support professional, or consultant) who has a minimum of one year of experience implementing, administering, and configuring network operating systems, including Novell NetWare, UNIX, or Macintosh networks. The network designer has gained his or her experience in environments that have the following characteristics:

  • Supported users range from 100 to more than 25,000.
  • Physical locations range from 5 to more than 150.
  • Typical network services and applications include file and print, database, messaging, firewalls, dial-in server, desktop management, and Web hosting.
  • Connectivity needs include connecting individual offices and users at remote locations to the corporate network and connecting corporate networks to the Internet.

This book was developed for IT professionals who need to design, plan, implement, and support Microsoft Windows 2000 security or who plan to take the related Microsoft Certified Professional Exam 70-220, Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network.

Microsoft Corporation - MCSE Training Kit (Exam 70-220. Designing Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Security)
MCSE Training Kit (Exam 70-220): Designing Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Security: Designing Microsoft(r) Windows(r) 2000 Network Security (IT-Training Kits)
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