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How are the following expressions evaluated in C#:

  1. 5 + 10 * 2

  2. 5 * 6 / 3

  3. 12 / 4 * 6

  4. 20 % 8

  5. myIntVariable++

  6. --myIntVariable


Suppose you need to add number1 and number2 together and multiply this result by number3. The first attempt:

 number1 + number2 * number3 

gave a wrong result. Fix the problem.


The following expression is correct but unclear for the reader of the code. Make it more clear.

 num1 + num2 / num3 * num4   num5 * num6 / num7 

Write an if statement that checks whether a number (call it myNumber) of type int is even or odd. Only if myNumber is even should it write "The number is even" onscreen.


What is the type of the following expression if weight is of type short?


Improve the clarity of the following statement by separating it into three statements without altering the effects of the code:

 totalBacteria = ++bacteriaInBody1 + bacteriaInBody2++; 

Draw a flowchart that illustrates the following logic. A person wants to go for a walk. If it rains, he asks his wife if they have an umbrella. If they have an umbrella he will go out; otherwise, he will stay inside. If it does not rain, he will go out whether they have an umbrella or not.


Which construct would be suitable to represent the following values in a C# program: { Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple}


Write a statement that prints the following text on the console (including the quotation marks)?

 And then he said: "This is a great moment" 

Suppose myString contains 20 characters. Write an expression that returns a sub-string from myString beginning at character number 10 and including 5 characters.


Suppose distance1 is 100, distance2 is 200, and distance3 is 400. Write a statement that uses embedded formatted numbers to include the three variables in a string so that the final text reads

 The first distance is 100 meters, the second distance is 200 meters and the third distance is 400 meters. 


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