You have now been presented with two source programs Listing 3.1 of Chapter 3 and Listing 4.1 of Chapter 4, "A Guided Tour through C#: Part II." The associated presentation of the C# language constructs has been somewhat guided by the contents of each particular line of code and, consequently, touched on many diverse but interrelated aspects simultaneously. To make up for this fast tour through C#, the first part of this chapter provides an overview of the very basic elements of C#.

The last part of the chapter contains the first object-oriented C# program of the book. It builds on previous theoretical OO discussions, in particular the Elevator simulation discussion in the beginning of Chapter 3. Among other things, it allows you to see how the relationship between the Elevator and the Person classes discussed in this earlier section is implemented in C#.


C# Primer Plus
C Primer Plus (5th Edition)
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Year: 2000
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Authors: Stephen Prata

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