Checking in Enterprise Resources and Projects

From time to time, you’ll need to check in enterprise projects and enterprise resources that get accidentally left in a checked-out state in the database. From the Project Web Access Admin menu, select Manage enterprise features Check in enterprise projects to open the “Check in enterprise projects” page shown in Figure 17-28. The familiar grid display lists projects currently checked out of the system. Make sure that someone isn’t actually working on the project before you check it back in.

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Figure 17-28. The “Check in enterprise projects” page

From the same Enterprise options menu, click “Check in enterprise resources” to open the “Check in enterprise resources” page shown in Figure 17-29. Select a resource in the grid and click Check-In on the toolbar. Use the Refresh option to refresh the display between deletions.

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Figure 17-29. The “Check in enterprise resources” page

On occasion, you’ll find that a checked-out project doesn’t show up in the “Check in enterprise project” list. In such a case, you’ll need to open SQL Enterprise Manager and the MSP_PROJECTS table, and set the PROJ_CHECKEDOUT field to 0 in the table row corresponding to your project. Similarly, if you need to do this for a resource, set the field RES_CHECKEDOUT in the MSP_RESOURCES table to 0.

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