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handheld media type
hanging indents
hash mark
hash-ID notation
headers, table 2nd
height property 2nd 3rd
     percentage values for
     positioned elements and
     setting to auto 2nd
     tables and
help cursor
hexadecimal color notation
hexadecimal notation
Highlight system color
HighlightText system color
horizontal alignment
     of table cell content
     of text
horizontal formatting, of block-level elements
href attribute, link tag
     element selectors for
     file size reduced by CSS
     future of
     history of
     presentational elements in
     structural elements of
     XML replacing
HTML 4 style sheet sample
html element
     as root element
     inheritance of background styles
Hypertext Markup Language

CSS(c) The Definitive Guide
CSS: The Definitive Guide
ISBN: 0596527330
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 130
Authors: Eric A. Meyer

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