Branching Out

Try re-creating the following changes to the work in this project.

  1. In the Contact Sheet view, try placing the title right below the picture, looking as if it were written onto the lower part of the slide frame. To do this, you'll need to remove the bottom margin from the images without throwing off the overall layout. Note that this will not be possible for portrait images since CSS is not able to rotate text, so you'll need to constrain your styles accordingly. Note also that long titles might flow off the slide, so a property like overflow might be useful.


  2. In the Gallery view, add the catalog number and price back into the layout, but put them next to each other instead of one on top of the other. This will enhance the Gallery view without significantly changing the layout. Remember that a little extra height may be needed.


  3. In the Catalog view, try flipping things around so that the picture is on the right and all of the textual information is on the left. This will mean more than changing the float's direction: You will also need to adjust the layout of the list items.


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